We will start teaching on the Lord’s Supper Sunday the 17th during our 9:45 AM Bible Study time. 

It is very important that you get in on the first lesson and do not miss any of the teachings. 

The New Testament Church has only two ordinances: baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  

Every thing we teach here at our church is 100% from the Bible.  There is no other God given authority than His Holy Word. 



Some of the questions that we will answer with this study


Marion Ramay, Pastor

First Baptist Church of Edmond, OK

“Oh, yes, I know salvation does not depend upon your baptism or upon your observance of the Lord’s Supper but I know to, that your salvation does depend upon truth symbolized by these ordinances.”


  • What is The Lord’s Supper?
  1. The Passover?
  2. The Last Supper?
  3. Communion?


  1. By what rules?
  2. By a religion?
  3. By traditions?
  4. By The Old Testament?
  5. By The New Testament?


  • When are we to observe The Lord’s Supper?
  1. How often?
  2. What time of the year?
  3. On what day of the week?
  4. What time of the day?


  • Where are we to observe The Lord’s Supper?
  1. At our church?
  2. At another church?
  3. At our home?
  4. At someone’s home?
  5. At a hospital?
  6. In the park?


  • Who is to partake of The Lord’s Supper?
  • Only saved people?
  • Only baptized people?
  • Only people of the same religion (with people of like beliefs)?
  • Only people of the same church?


  • Why do we observe The Lord’s Supper?
  • As an ordinance?
  • As a memorial?
  • For salvation?
  • To keep our salvation?
  • So that the people will be of one accord?


  • What are the elements of The Lord’s Supper?
  1. Jesus Christ’s body?
  2. Jesus Christ’s blood?
  3. Wine?
  4. Grape Juice?
  5. Bread (what kind)?